#MondayBlues: New Twists as Bankai Demands $10 000 usd from NetOne, a Retraction for False hoods

Bankai International has issued a damming  statement  insisting  that NetOne  must apologise and  issue  a  retraction statement for tainting  their reputation, while it  also demands that they  want to be paid back $10 000  USD deposit they had advanced.

NetOne is  being  challenged  by Bankai  international  over  criminal allegations they laid  against Muchenje and co, when  they  stated that they  prejudiced the state  owned network by  contracting Bankai in a deal that  saw Bankai milking  NetOne $2.4million.

Bankai alleges  that the statement  by NetOne were  false and frivolous without basis  and demand  a  retraction in the  next 7 days, which technically  expire today on the  16th of June 2020.

“At the onset we manifestly refute and renounce each and every averments or  allegations claim(s) made in the said Sources or in any other sources that these kind of defamatory and derogatory allegations are alleged against us, as being wrong, fálse, frivolous baseless and vexatious. and State that nothing contained in the said sources is accepted/ admitted or deemed to be acceptable, admittable  by us,  save and except which is specifically admitted herein.

Bankai said that NetOe was in  violation  and has breached contract illegally and subject to international  standards lawsuit for  such action.

Infact bare  perusal of the aforesaid sources prima facie proves that Netone Cellular Private Limited (Netone) has indulged into unfair or illegal  trade practices by dragging Bankai International Private Limited and its affiliates and Sister concern (Bankai) in its internal conflicts defamed Bankai

Bankai also challenged NetOne statements stating that it was not true that it ever caused prejudice as they  did not have any other  deal with them except signing up of agreements and  advancing a payment.

At the onset this is to confirm that Bankai executed appended agreement With NetOne through various entities of Bankai  group

              i. Unilateral Buy agreement dated 10 December, 2019

2.           Number Range Provision Agreement dated 12 December 2019

3.           International Top Up Agreement dated 9th Of January. 2020,

It is added for your kind information that aforesaid Agreement(S) were executed after the rounds of negotiations between the   official representatives of Bankai and NetOne and after coming to consensus  ad idem the said agreements were executed hence the execution of the Agreement(s) are flawless and without any defect,

Netone in their charge  sheet against Muchenje and other executives stated that 

Muchenje and Chief Finance Officer at NetOne Tinashe Severa (who was also suspended alongside Muchenje) are accused of prejudicing the MNO of US$2.24m after unlawfully signing an interconnect contract with Bankai International Pvt Ltd – “In terms of this agreement Bankai purchased nine million minutes for US$1 million contrary to the company’s ruling rate of 36 cents per minute. Further, the agreement contravened schedule five of SI (Statutory Instrument) 163 of 2008 (Postal and Telecommunications (international Termination rates) Amendment Regulations 2008. As a result, the company was prejudiced US$2 240 000”;

Bankai however dismissed the allegations as  false and stated that  after execution of the said Agreements we have hitherto not done any business to  date with NetOne.

Infact after executing aforesaid  agreement,  we wired $10.000 USD pursuant to Top Up agreement to get  the recharge done, however till now neither NetOne  has given  requisite  recharge  nor  replied to our concerns.

Bankai added that additionally,  Netone suddenly suspended our traffic without any logical or legal justification pursuant to Unilateral Buy agreement.

Apart from being liable to indemnify Bankai for all the losses or damages  whether direct Or indirect which Bankai may incur due to the defamatory and derogatory Actions of Netone,it  is also liable to Bankai for US $10,000 which Bankai  paid to NetOne for availing recharge.

With this notice we call Netone to comply ensuing within 7 (seven) days from the date or this Notice failing which shall constraint Bankai to initiate  opposite proceedings   against NetOne   including but not limited to approaching the  same  news sources used to propagate the  damaging information  against them

When  we contacted NetOne public relations  Dr Elderette Shereni she simply said she cloud not comment over the matter

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