Ecocash Announces New Limits.

Mobile money transfer Ecocash has made adjustments to daily and monthly transaction for mobile money transactions , whilst other limits remain unchanged.

While an increase in transactions was made in March, and another one after the RBZ directive, this time customers have another adjustment on certain transactions

The monthly limit for customers linked to a bank used to be zwl $150 000, but has now been reduced to zwl $100.000 , their daily transactions limits have also been reduced to zwl$20 000 from $25 000.

The monthly limits for customers not linked to bank or debit card, which used to have a transaction limit of zwl $10 000, has been increased to zwl$20 000.

Farmers grade that had a monthly limit of $300 000 will now only transact up $100 000 whilst daily limits are now pegged at $20 000 from $50 000.

In a move expected to bring relief to the transacting public, EcoCash has increased daily and monthly transaction limits for merchants or bill payments and for single transactions.

However , other transaction limits remain unchanged Customers linked to a debit card can still transact monthly and daily limits of zwl$20 000 and zwl$5 000 respectively.

Merchant payments used to have a transaction limit is still $10 000 as well as transactions for bill payments.

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