#MondayBlues: Is Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Preparing a Successor

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has recently createda nonexistent vacant post of deputy CEO, the highest post ever, except that it deputizes the CEO to safely find a new role for Mr. Roy Chimanikare.

The company in its 2 decades of existence had never had this post and of course, for whatever reason, they found it in their wisdom to introduce this new post, but as always #MondayBlues would like to think otherwise.

Econet Wireless has had Mr Mboweni as their one and only successful chief Executive since formation, and the company has not known any other chief executive while it has greatly grown in leaps and bounds, creating Cassava Fintech, a separate entity that is now listed and doing very well in the market.

Maybe for Mr Mboweni, he has seen it all, done it all and now needs to pass the button to someone, who in fact we are guessing could be the successor under him.

Before this appointment, it was not very clear who exactly deputized him and eventually, the automatic man to take over the reins, under whatever circumstance.

Roy Chimanikire joined Econet Wireless Zimbabwe in 11 years ago and he has been the finance director of the organization since then.

A source close to the developments said :

“Succession plan is the best strategy to any thriving entity, if you strongly suspect so, then its a well-planned move as this keeps the boat floating”

The source, however, could not confirm or deny any speculation around the matter .

In a press update last week, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe recently promoted Mr Kezito Makuni, who was the finance director to replace Mr Fayaz king as the new COO. Fayaz got an international appointment.

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