ICT Parliamentarians Bemoan Maitengwe bad road state

ICT Parliamentary portfolio Committee members who are currently on a nationwide shared base station visits have called upon the responsible authorities to rehabilitate the road leading to Gatshe Gatshe and Maitengwe border post, as they are strategic to the economic turnaround and development of the sector

By Toneo Rutsito

According to the committee chairperson Charlton Hwende, the gravel road which is in a bad state has hindered any meaningful production.

“While businesses in such areas can take advantage of the connectivity we are providing, the road system will still hinder any serious productivity as it is counter-productivity and discouraging, forcing price hikes of commodities in such areas,” Hwende said.

With a capacity of producing 2.5kva, running on gigantic solar panels and a backup battery system, the Maitengwe shared base station was constructed a few years ago to the tune of USD$750 000 to connect the villagers living in and around the area.

Although the base station is providing its service, the state of the roads in the area has been a major concern, especially to travellers.

The deplorable state of the roads has stalled development in the area.

Travellers take between 2-3 hrs to cover a distance of about 72 km from Plumtree.

The parliamentarians however questioned why so many resources are put into such a base station when it’s real load was considerably smaller.

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