Zim police ban use of Cellphones while on duty

Zim police ban cellphones at work stations

This is probably the most stupid necessary evil that the police force has to enforce.

The banning of modern-day communication gadgets is like promoting semi breathing in a hot room.

It always seems like a brilliant idea yet everyone else knows it’s not practical and never can be implemented.
Let me quote a very interesting statement, “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People.”
This is probably the only orientation the police need to help them solve their big problems in a small way.
Simply because a police officer took pictures of an internal memo and sent it out must not warranty the banning of Cellphones.
Forgive my French, its Flippen stupid!
The ZRP has very active social media accounts, including WhatsApp groups, crime awareness groups and twitter handles which have done a lot to curb criminal activity.
Now all of a sudden, a memo was sent out through a cellphone, someone only thinks of removing the abused tool trade because insecurity issues are so supreme than security issues.

This is a laughable move, I hope the powers that be will quickly find sense and reverse this move.
It’s just idiotic!
It deserves no place in a digitally migrating nation.

The police actually need more than cellphones, they need more space in the digital space to monitor and react to various crimes.

We can’t allow and watch such move take us back into the typer writer days.
Once again forgive my French it’s stupid really Flippen stupid!

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