Rainwater harvesting to allay water woes in Zim

Two Zimbabweans have successfully harnessed technology to harvest rainwater for human consumption. Referred to as Rainwater harvesting, the process involves collecting water from surfaces that rain has fallen upon.

The technique also goes as far as storing of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks, or the infiltration of surface water into subsurface aquifers (before it is lost as surface runoff).

Chairperson of Solar Pro Industries Incorporation Ray Nyoni together with the assistance of his brother Ronald Nyoni are the brains behind the innovation which they expect will on a larger scale address the water woes people face.

Harvested rainwater has been deemed not fit for showering, bathroom or kitchen use because it’s not really fit for consumption. The reason being in many instances it is not purified. However, Ray and his brother purify the water to a point where it clean enough for people to drink. He explains the purification process when the water is gathered from a rooftop.

“This system works with a roof, a normal roof is 6 metres by 4 metres. In a space of an hour we can harvest about 200 litres of water or more,

“First the roof has to be cleared of all leaves and surrounding trees, we then design a gutter that directs the water to the second tank.

“The first tank will be trapping tree leaves, sediments and other impurities. It is designed in such a manner that there is sedimentation, if it happens to be any dust, it settles at the bottom of the tank.

“The water then flows down to the second tank that is attached to the ground where the main filtering process happens, removing remaining impurities. The water is purified and comes out crystal clear,” said Ray.

This innovation will go a long way with the current and constant cut of water supplies and as there are many uncertainties in water supply systems. Droughts may lead to shortage of water. Destruction of water supply systems may occur at specific locations. Major repairs and maintenance in water companies happen sporadically. All these variables lead to the unavailability of water and, installing a harvesting system is the best course of action to continue enjoying water supply in case any of the above variables occur.

The collected rainwater can be used for many different purposes around the home. This includes laundry, washing dishes and more. This would prevent groundwater depletion and augment ground water table.

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