Microsoft bids farewell to Windows 7

Microsoft is dropping support of Windows 7, nearly 11 years after first launching the operating system. This means there will no longer be any updates or fixes for current users of the software.

Microsoft pulling support for the operating system has the potential to leave consumers vulnerable to hackers.

Windows 7 became so popular, in fact, that it took Windows 10 nearly four years just to pass it in market share. Even today, millions of PCs are still running Windows 7, and the operating system still runs on a massive 26 percent of all PCs according to data from Netmarketshare. Microsoft spent years trying to get people to upgrade to Windows 10 free of charge, but tens of millions of PCs will now be left vulnerable to exploits and security vulnerabilities.

Businesses and education Windows 7 users will be able to pay for extended security updates, but it could be a costly venture for some. Extended updates for Windows 7 Enterprise is approximately $25 per machine, and the cost doubles to US$50 per device in 2021 and again to US$100 in 2022. It’s even worse for Windows 7 Pro users, which starts at US$50 per machine and jumps to US$100 in 2021 and US$200 in 2022. These costs will naturally vary depending on the volume of PCs in use at a business, but they’re still going to be substantial for larger firms.

Microsoft is easing these costs with a free year of post-retirement updates to Windows 7 customers with active Windows 10 subscriptions.

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