Zim integrates LP gas into petrol engines

Zimbabweans using Italian technology have successfully integrated LP gas into petrol engines giving motorists an option to switch in between the two fuel sources, while LP gas saves 50% on consumption costs.

Speaking exclusively to TechnoMag, Intergas marketing manager, Ivy Chibanda said they are using safe tanks made for cars and this technology is much more efficient and cheaper for motorists.

“We do not necessarily remove the petrol system but we are adding on the LPG system which at any given time you can switch from back to petrol,”

“The system is very safe because the cylinder we use have safety features as they are different from the ones used in homes. In any case of any impact on the vehicle, the cylinder shuts off and also when the engine is off the gas circulation stops,”

Nevertheless whenever you want the system to be installed on your vehicle the price ranges from US $700 to US$1300.

So far only petrol cars have got installments.

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