Ecocash Warns Of Service Outage Over This weekend

EcoCash today announced a major upgrade of its platform scheduled for the weekend, which will result in a 24-hour downtime of all EcoCash services.

Announcing the upgrade – which is set to take place between 9pm on Saturday (November 16) and 9pm on Sunday (November 17) 2019 – the company said the upgrade is meant, among other things, to improve the mobile money platform’s performance by increasing capacity, enhancing security and offering more automated selfcare services for its clients.

“The EcoCash system upgrade, for which critical work has been going on over the past several months, will commence on Saturday evening, and is scheduled to be completed on Sunday evening,”

a company spokesman said. “The upgrade will result in improved platform performance, increased system capacity, enhanced transaction security and many other enhancements to the current system,” the spokesman said.

“We kindly urge our customers to make all their critical transactions before the upgrade, to avoid the inconvenience of falling to transact during the upgrade period on Saturday night and on Sunday.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience the upgrade downtime will cause to our valued customers,” the spokesman said. EcoCash handles millions of transactions per day and is the largest mobile transacting platform in the country. It is a part of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, the fintech and digital smartech company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

This was revealed in a customer public notice by Ecocash and during the period all Ecocash services will be unavailable.

In July this year, Ecocash customers across the nation experienced an outage and failed to transact leaving some stranded as it is the widely used mobile money platform in the nation.

This was due to a power cut which was then later fixed.

As they say, foretold is forewarned to make sure that if you are planning on doing any transaction during the said period, you will have an alternative payment platform.

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