Passengers bemoan Zupco Tapcard malfunction

The malfunction of the recently introduced Zupco tap card has left passengers stranded and in dire need of hard cash.

In the middle of an economic crisis, many Zimbabweans have since started using the Zupco buses and commuter omnibuses as they are charging affordable fares compared to the ordinary commuter omnibuses.
Of late Zupco hasn’t been the ideal choice for those without hard cash, as its tapcard sometimes is at times be available despite the fact that it had been topped up with a certain amount of money.

The Passengers Association Of Zimbabwe has commented on the issue saying it would be better if Zupco would abandon the tap-cards and just let people use hard cash as the delay in queue or being told the service is down when you have topped up your tap card is an inconvenience to passengers.

‘’It seems Zupco is not ready for the tap-card system. They should upgrade their system for convenience sake and ensure that as long as your tap-card is recharged then one can will not experience any problems’’, said Tafadzwa Goliati (PAZ) President.

Goliati says as PAZ they once approached the Zupco CEO telling them to fix the problem or just do away with the cards were unfruitful as nothing has changed.

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