Child online safety a priority: Muswere

Technology has opened the window for humans to explore the world and has become a part of our daily lives. Children have also not been left behind and they are on the internet on a daily basis. Being minors, their safety online is important.

Speaking at Africa University at the public lecture running under the theme “Child Online Safety” yesterday, ICT deputy Minister Jenfan Muswere said as the internet is an ocean of knowledge, the children should be guided in this ocean.

The public lecture is part of the many events lined up for the month of October which is Cyber Security Awareness Month.

“Internet technology affords children access to vast amounts of valuable information and endless sources of entertainment. However, it also exposes children to certain dangers. For example, children may come into contact with demeaning, racist, sexist, violent, hateful or false information,”

“They may also view pornographic web sites, SPAM (unsolicited emails) containing obscene material, file-swapping programs with inappropriate and sometimes mislabeled content, and other types of material potentially inappropriate for a child.”

The government through the Ministry of ICT is working with Potraz, ZRP, Childline, Unicef, and other organizations to raise awareness regarding child online safety.

The minister also said there is a need for parents to create relationships with their children and also be tech-savvy in order to follow up on what their children are up to on the world wide web.

There is need to ensure that children do not get share their personal information online. Predators can use the information one shares, like one’s location and what they are doing.

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