Breaking: Cabinet Approves Cyber Crime, Cyber Security Bill

By staff writer 1 min ago

HARARE-The Zimbabwe Cabinet today considered and approved the Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill, which was presented by Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi.

Speaking on behalf of Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa, Minister of Industry and Commerce Mangaliso Ndlovu said the Bill seeks to combat cybercrime and increase cybersecurity in order to build confidence and trust in the secure use of information communication technologies.

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You may Download the Zimbabwe Cyber Crime and Cyber Security here

“More specifically, the Bill provides for the following, provision and approval of codes of conduct and ethics to be observed by all categories of data controllers, data Protection with due regard to constitutional rights and public interest ; establishment of a Data Security Centre and a Data Protection Authority under POTRAZ, investigation, and collection of evidence relating to Cyber Crime and unauthorized Data Collection and breaches thereof,” Mutsvangwa said.

The Bill also entails the admissibility of electronic evidence for such offenses committed under the Act. Penalties for the transmission of data messages inciting violence and damage to property.

Protection of citizens against cyberbullying and harassment.

Measures to address the production and dissemination of racist and xenophobic material using language that tends to lower the reputation or feelings of persons for the reason that they belong to a group of persons distinguished on the grounds set out in section 56 subsection 3 of the Constitution.

Penalties for persons who generate, distribute or broadcast data concerning an identifiable person knowing it to be false and intending to cause psychological or economic harm and Curbing the transmission of pornographic material.

“In essence, the Bill advocates the use of ICTs for more constructive purpose, said Mustvagwa.

The government is currently carrying out a national cybersecurity awareness month where various activities are lined up across the country to educate citizens on cyber risks.

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