Ecocash Invades Forex Trade

Ecocash has launched the first mobile money Bureau de Change which allows one to sell foreign currency and check the current exchange rate from their mobile phone.

The initiative comes at a time when the economy bleeds from a lack of foreign currency and amid rising transport costs. As a result, consumers are in need of solutions that will ease their way of living and Ecocash appears to have just given its customers a solution.

Ecocash CEO Natalie Jabangwe said, “I do not believe that it will be only the largest Bureau de Change in the country. I think it’s the world’s first mobile wallet centric bureau de change. We are offering you today, a bureau de change on your cellphone directly from your wallet.”
She was speaking at the official launch of the new service in Harare this morning.

So cut the guy from the corner and change your money the smart way with Ecocash Smart Change Money. Ecocash customers can cash in USD dollars into their Ecocash FCA accounts and have it converted to local currency with the prevailing. Today’s Ecocash rate is at 10.80. This is also beneficial to customers who receive diaspora remittances straight into their FCA accounts.

The Bureau de Change can be accessed via * 150#, and you will be able to sell your US dollars and also check the current rates. The customers have spoken on how the rates are confusing and so many times are unfair, Ecocash has responded and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has endorsed, now we wait and see how disruptive and beneficial this innovation will be in the nation and continent at large.

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