Twitter War (Twar) #UGAZIM Between Zimbabwe Vs Uganda Rages On

Just in case you had known hashtag #UGAZIM is currently trending on twitter with 44 000 tweets of nothing but hot exchanges between Zimbabweans and Ugandans, ahead of tonight’s match.

But the war was not triggered by tonight’s match, it was just a simple tweet gone wrong and now we are up for a show down as two nations clash, hours before the real clash, but you cant say who is winning now, except Savage

It all started by a Tweet by One @Evelyn_Nakayi who jokingly asked if there any Zimbabweans on Twitter. Lo and Behold, did they respond with salva

On the flip side, this made her really popular over the past 48hrs, she has officially clocked over 10 000 followers and counting .

here are some trending screenshots from the event

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