NetOne Launches A Bulk Payments Platform

State-owned mobile telecommunications giant, NetOne has stepped in to offer a salary and bulk payments solution due to the ongoing dispute between local banks and a Mauritian firm, Payserv Africa.

Payserv Africa’s subsidiary Paynet, has suspended local banks after they refused to pay the US$0,15 it is reportedly demanding for every transaction.

Banks also owe Paynet US$470 000 for four million transactions concluded since May 1, 2019, and the firm says it cannot take any more losses.

But NetOne has assured corporates and NGOs that they can take advantage of its bulk payments platform, OnePay, which was launched yesterday.

NetOne says OnePay is a secure bulk payments service that allows an entity to process payments centrally to any OneMoney registered user.

The platform presents OneMoney an opportunity to expand into salary payments and broaden its revenue generation.
NetOne’s chief mobile financial services officer Nkosinathi Ncube yesterday said the OnePay service is available to corporates and Government entities, SoEs, non-governmental organisations and any organisation that requires the service.

“At a time when individuals are craving the assurance that they will receive their salaries with speed, safety and consistency, the OnePay platform prides itself on its proven ability to deliver,” said Mr Ncube.


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