Data Costs Clears Way For Landlines

The rampant and continuous increase in data tariffs may just be paving way for the good old landline that people had sidelined particularly for home use becoming more preferable and relevant for the office set up.

Already, TelOne has experienced a rise in the fixed telephone revenue which has increased from $35 million as at December 2017 to $38 million by end of December 2018. No doubt the future is not completely bleak for the landline.

At a point in time subscribers were opting for cheaper options like WhatApp calls or Messenger calls to make both local and international calls because it was affordable. However the narration has changed, the same way we evolved from the landline to the smartphone is probably how we will go back to the former its only a matter of time.

We have seen the evolution of the first hand-held Motorola mobile phone which weighed 1kg, and had a miserable battery life of 20 minutes (do not tell millennials that story they will think you are trying to be funny), to the today’s age of sleek and super fast smartphones.

Communication patterns have always remained flexible to people’s preferences which are influenced by affordability. Another option could be that of sms but the are largely a disadvantage because responses at times are not instantaneous, you have to wait for a response you are not sure if you will receive.

After all has been said, fixed phones are still lucrative so telecoms that offer these services can actually fill in the gap as the pricing has always been favorable to consumers.

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