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LawBasket is an online legal marketplace bringing together hundreds of lawyers in over 200 practice areas to deliver quality and affordable legal services online to their clientele.

When Zimbabwe technological players find the muscle to produce bespoke solutions via technology, then we are finally moving away from apps that are only meant to launched on online stores, with little to no impact to our daily lives.

LawBasket was developed by a local tech company, Lexware which offers technological solutions for the legal profession in Africa. Lexware’s reach goes beyond Zimbabwe’s borders as it is present in over 15 African countries. Not to mention that Lexware’s co-founder, Simba Mubvuma was one of four Zimbabweans to appear on the 2018 Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 list.

In an interview with TechnoMag, Head of Marketing and also Co-Founder of LawBasket Nyasha Makamba, said the platform aims to redress the legal framework whilst providing flexible and affordable legal services to entrepreneurs and small businesses across Africa.

“At LawBasket, we are changing how people consume legal services, making legal services a commodity that can be easily accessed through the internet. Our consumer-driven ratings are enhancing consumer choice, and we are breaking the geographical barriers associated with the legal practice, to liberate lawyers from the traditional law office,”

“We have built a great platform that is simple to use, yet intuitive and seamless. We focus on convenience in finding legal help, and insist on swift and professional service from all lawyers on the platform,” he said.

LawBasket has enlisted lawyers from all over Africa. That means if you happen to have a case in a foreign African country, you are spared the pains of visiting the country to look for lawyers to do your case. Rather, you just log-in to LawBasket and look for a lawyer that suits your ‘taste’, be it, from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Mali, you name it (every African country).The platform has a very strict screening process of the lawyers it accepts on the platform. Accordingly, that enables you to enjoy affordable legal services from quality lawyers.

So how does it work?

  1. Sign Up For Free at www.mylawnasket.com
  2. Post your case, e.g registering a patent, with a specific budget for this case.
    3.Lawyers will then bid for the case as per their expertise and geographical location
  3. You can select a lawyer and get them to start your case
  4. Pay Only when a case or agreed milestone is completed. Once you find the right lawyer to do your case, you make your payment on LawBasket. Your lawyer will not automatically receive your payment. But your payment will be held in escrow until your lawyer meets their side of the bargain (do what you agreed on)- only then will they receive their money. There is also a feature on LawBasket that enables clients to do gradual payments as the lawyer completes a certain agreed portion of the job.

LawBasket paves a new way in which legal services are consumed. The idea that consumers are given virtually untold power in how they choose to consume legal services is revolutionary in the legal system. 

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