15 Year Old Develops School Messenger App

Felistas Zvavamwe, a 15 year old from Cowdray Park High School in Bulawayo has developed a School Messenger app to facilitate teacher-parent engagement, and always keep the parents in the loop with school activities.

Speaking on what motivated her and the other four group members to develop the platform, Felistas says she discovered a problem in her community where students failed to pass on information from the school administration to the parents.

Dire was the situation that even the well-intentioned students forgot to pass on information to their parents , or found it difficult remembering correct details ultimately delivering distorted details to the parents, and at times the misinformation would go as far as students missing out on opportunities.

“I was participating under a Technology Innovation Challenge For Girls whereby you state your problem in your community and you solve that problem using technology,”

“After realizing that in my community most of the children do not pass important information from the school to their parents, for example if the school administration distributes letters to students, you find the same letters in bins or littered all over the school,” she said.

It is technology innovation thereof, that prompted the 15 year old to develop the app, as she adds in the interview, “and really who nowadays still writes letters, let’s move on with technology, so I decided to come up with this innovation”.

As the mentor, Youth For Innovation Trust Programs Officer Pride Ndlovu said he trains the students through until they are able to code adding that, he is happy because his efforts are not in vain as his students have created a useful communication tool which the community will use to improve communication patterns between the school and the parents.

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