#MondayBlues: Why Gvt Must Disband Varakashi!

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The Zimbabwe government has a genuine task to work on its image, mainly to the international community, but what also matters the most  is to first appease the locals , before they start crossing borders.

Latest efforts to engage social media combat with officers, popularly known as Varakashi has not helped them at all, and in all honesty, it has actually hurt and tainted their image even more.

The level of animosity, intolerance and hate created by people who are unprofessionally and stupidly defending government policies and obvious mistakes has fueled millions to hate their own , and government on the same vain, driving so much negativity over social media.

Zimbabweans are encouraged to spread self hate only to prove to these Varakashi wrong and that the government is failing, even at their own costs, they don’t care its their salary being devalued, they don’t care about the increase in basic commodity pricing or school fees going beyond their reach, they are just excited life is getting harder, just to prove Zanu Pf has failed!

When the nation is driven to such free fall, someone must openly and honestly call it quits as this is not helping the nation but tearing it apart, all in the name of trying to managing the situation.

The USD black market has once again reached the all time 500%, and it seems it will continue on the free fall and soon no one will be accepting the bond notes or RTGS at this rate!

What’s next there will be civil disobedience!

Its obvious whoever is running the system has no idea, and is clueless and only thought it would one day work, but by the time they honestly reflect, Zimbabwe will be so much divided and irreparable with no national pride, but the level of hate and negativity is to  only prove that Zanu Pf is not doing things right.

If there is a problem in any family, you do not need someone who is well trained to defend a position and blame another, but simply need someone who can say ”I am sorry, we erred, how best do we move forward,” even if one errs in the process, they’re genuine and sincere.

This is the online strategy that Zanu Pf must have deployed and encouraged, to try and win the support of millions, whom today , are unfortunately so excited about the downfall of their own economy, health and social fabric.

Its as if people wake up everyday to punch the Varakashi, and in turn they are adamantly stupid enough to hit back  at the time they must be listening and coming back with progressive  feedback.

They do not have an agenda to sell to the people, they surely do not even have a planner on what messages they  must convey at times, they lack psychological stamina to craft, disseminate and engage. In  most cases they are not even in sync with national programs to try and resonate with the national beat.

It seems their strategy is to defend, defend and defend at all cost, once they find an opportunity they attack so hard but this is not a soccer match.

The reality is we have million users online who do not like Zanu Pf, the last voting trends proved urbanites were anti the establishment and agonizing the same audience with propaganda does not win their hearts but rather only creates enmity and entrenches national hate that polarizes the nation.

We can’t be stuck in the election mood forever, no one benefits anything from this, a better strategy to engage the nation must have been unpacked and at this stage, people must be apologizing, engaging and trying to move on as one for the country’s sake.

This is the message that Zimbabweans want to hear and they want to hear it from their trusted colleagues not some faceless ghost accounts who only have numbers but not emotionally or physical connected to their issues .

Nation building and healing must be at the core to sanitize the digital space not to polarize the nation running on a self defeating Varakashi strategy.

Half of the people online are simply fighting to prove a point not because they do not love Zimbabwe.  These same people are earning meager salaries but they do not even celebrate salary increments, they want to see the USD skyrocket even against their own benefit. Some pray there wont be rains so that the suffering continues.

When we reach to such a stage, we need someone who understands politics better should just stop it .

It has not worked, it wont work and it’s the fuel for online hate and polarization that needs a complete redress of Zimbabwe needs to move on.

Zimbabwe needs confidence, and no matter what the government does it wont work as long as there is no confidence from the urban population, currency is only driven by national confidence and this is being destroyed by animosity and self hate .

Its self defeating and someone has to call this off and encourage real professionals to run national engagement and reinvest confidence for self love and nation building .

Its not too late, it can be done , genuine engagement has to start now while we can salvage the nation and this must be a national priority.

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