Econet Silently Cancels Data Bundles, More Surprises Coming From NetOne , Telecel

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe has silently cancelled the  2GB  daily data bundle  from its *143# USSD menu, as they only proffer 250MB and 1GB for $1 and $2 respectively, amidst tough economic conditions, which Mobile networks are all expected to revise their data packages by month end.

Information reaching TechnoMag led that NetOne is also revising its One fusion and daily data bundles  while Telecel is also expected to adjust their data packages, as the current billing system has proven to costly to all operators.

Mobile networks are creating 80% of their revenue from data , and the recent voice tariff increases made will be insignificant to their revenues, hence they urgently need to re-adjust their data services as a major income earner.

As Mobile  players try to recover costs due to the devaluation pronounced by the RBZ   and re-align with the new exchange rates, they are left with no option but adjust the tariffs otherwise they will be going out of business.

However this move is squeezing consumers who have never received any salary increments, but continuously face serious price increase beyond their budgets.

This will force internet access for many to become a luxury, greatly reducing the national data penetration which now at a sharp rise owing to affordability of data and gadgets.

Ofcourse, the battle will affect the service providers themselves, revenues will not continue to grow for them as the same rate, definitely the Average Revenue Per User ARP will drop greatly as economic woes continues to bite.

This is a serious crisis that needs a more permanent solution if the sector is to sustain for both the consumers and the service providers.

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