Biotechnology Authority Promotes Women Entrepreneurship

The national biotechnology Authority in partnership Sinbio and Hivos recently held a workshop on FemBioBiz at the New Ambassador hotel to promote women entrepreneurship in the science and technology sectors.

Speaking at a workshop held on Friday in the capital the National Biotechnology Authority C.E.O Dr Dexter Savadye spoke on the importance of women representation and the impact of formal entrepreneurial activities to the countries’ economy and overall development.

“We would like to take such workshops to different parts of the country where women involved in different projects are located so that it will also benefit the economy,” he said.

The lack of an adequate number of female scientists and techies has caused major untapped potential in national economies without access to, understanding of and participation in science and technology, women are at greater risk of being left behind in a rapidly changing global society.And society is at great risk of missing out on potential agents of change and leaders.

Standing in, on behalf of the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education Science and Technology Development Hon Daniel Molokeli , Hon Joana Mamombe said they were delighted as a committee that organizations and institutions that are pushing women to start innovation and new ideas of starting businesses.

Harare West MP Hon Joana Mamombe

“This is a wonderful platform for women to start their own things and would also want to encourage women to be more involved in biotechnological projects,”she said.

FemBioBiz addresses these issues with programs designed to support, connect and inspire women entrepreneurs. And they have called out those interested or with project ideas to consult the National Biotechnology Authority.

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