Africom Also “Re-Aligns” To New Tariffs

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As reality strikes, it seems all telecommunication players have moved away from the local savings value, re-adjusting prices to the USD component announced thropough the monetary policy. Africom has also just announced new tariffs for voice, mobile data bundles and fixed broadband services which are effective from tomorrow the 4th of April

Technically, Africom like any other service provider have not hiked prices but simply aligned against the current trading rate, while they have maintained the old USD prices.

Africom on net voice calls will be 18 cents per minute from 6 cents whilst off net call will be 20 cents per minute from 12 cent.

The previous tariffs for 15 gig data bundle which costed USD $25 when the bond was still 1: 1 has been adjusted to RTGS $87.50. even so, and the popular 500mb for a $1 is now floating at RTGS $3.50.

The old prices are as follows

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