TelOne Announces New RTGS Tarrifs.

TelOne has basically increased tariffs for all its data based services for the surrogate RTGS currency, while it maintains the old prices for the USD, a sure sign that the center is no longer holding for the RTGS currency as business continuously run away from the monetary statement pronouncement.

All TelOne data based services which are residential broadband packages, SME broadband packages, satellite based services, Digital Entertainment On Demand and their public wifi.

In their statement today TelOne has announced that they have not increased the USD component of their tariffs but however increased the RTGS component, which continues to be devalued by inflation, to reflect to true value.

The RBZ governor may need to urgently relook into his policy where he insisted that locals can settle bills at the current 1:1 rates , while business has continuously shun the pronouncements, towards a more realistic currency pegging.

It has now become evident that local business players in the telecoms sector, with ZOL Zimbabwe setting the same precedence few weeks ago, now TelOne and many more other operators, expected to follow suit as it no longer makes business sense to match such rates.

TelOne has increased the rates using the current interbank exchange rates.The new prices are below:

New home broadband prices:

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