#MondayBlues: Zimpost Employees Threatening To Strike

After delaying to open most shops last week, Zimpost workers are threatening to strike if their demands are not met following a memorandum which the Zimpost workers’ committee sent to its management to discuss on their grievances.

Part of the grievances which needed to be addressed was the need to adjust salaries, cost of living adjustment, delayed salary payments, re-open the closed company clinic, transport costs/ challenges for staff, salary and bonus arrears, conditions of service for fixed contract employees and, Inadequacy of transport subsidy.

Zimpost becomes one of the telecommunications giants facing operational viability issues, which the government must urgently look into into, including setting up a board, to quickly deal with these long term issues facing the the state owned enterprise.

Speaking while addressing the employees on the main contentious issue of salary increment and delayed salaries, Zimpost Managing Director Mr Chief Moyo said they are now looking into an array of solutions to get the company going forward, while more importantly, they are signing strategic partnerships to increase revenue.

“We have already engaged an international company called post global, this will be our partner in digitizing the post system, that will aid efficiency and inclusivity as global operators demand a digital system for courier services”, said Moyo.

Zimpost also noted that they will be revamping their technology by setting up a new system within the TelOne data centre in a month’s time, which will help them to be in a position to do more transactions and bring more revenue.

Amongst other way out solutions, the Zimpost MD mentioned that the government was also looking out to partial privatisation of the entity, which is a good move towards getting an investor with a capacity to capitalize Zimpost, and help it move on as the government, which is the shareholder, has already indicated that it does not have any funds to do so.

Amongst the issues proffered as a solution, Zimpost also pointed out that they will be looking out towards

Contribution of subsidiary companies to the Group and whether the structure is optimal, New products / services, Revival and focus on core service, E-Commerce, Funding of working capital, The contribution of terminal dues or resources obtained from foreign transactions, Partial Privatization programme as set out by government.

While that salaries are paid from what the company generates and if the company makes nothing then Zimpost will not manage to meet the major issue of salary payments.

” Salaries are paid from revenue that Zimpost generates and currently revenues are constrained due slow economic environment and we have notified our principal, while the company is currently engaging global technology partners to boost operation and revenue”

players and if we generate enough we are able to pay enough. If we don’t generate enough we are not able to get money from anyone, but at the moment the company is not able and we have brought this to the attention of our principal” he said

Mr Moyo also said that the company is also owing the pension fund which has also put Zimpost in a bad position.

In addition to addressing the grievances raised by the workers Mr Moyo promised to add an extra $3 on the employees’ transport allowance.

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