Potraz Takes Consumer Awareness Campaign To Midlands

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The Postal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has conducted another consumer campaign awareness program to teach consumer rights and raise awareness among users of telecoms services.

The Regulatory authority was in the Midlands Province in Silobela at Donsa growth point last week conducting educative road shows to the community.

George Manyaya an official with POTRAZ said road shows are part of the ongoing consumer awareness happening in order to understand and educate them,such as 112 emergency platforms that can be used in case of emergencies.

George Manyaya also said they are utilising the Universal Services Fund(USF) to establish more community information centers to bridge the information gap.

“We are also establishing shared towers across the country in remote areas where mobile operators can’t build their own base stations as these areas make no economic sense to them,”he said

Potraz envisions connectivity in remote areas that are not connected. By 2030,they are expecting to have bridged the digital divide between urban and rural areas thereby ensuring connectivity for all .

The Regulator has increased its visibility in most rural areas, after canvassing the country’s 10 provinces, teaching consumers on their rights, which also include the right to privacy and high quality services.

The programme, started in 2016, has been popular with consumers who now have better knowledge of their rights and have also been able to use the platform to air out some of the grievances on postal and telecoms services.

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