#MondayBlues State Fails To Prosecute Machengete

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Postal and Telecommunications Regulations Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) Director General Gift Machengete’s criminal abuse of office trial has failed to kick off again. The trial which was initially supposed to kick off at 9 am failed as the prosecuting team could not make their key witnesses available and was moved to 11.15 am.

When the court session resumed, the state still had not put their house in Order. They had no key witnesses and it Seemed as if they didn’t have incriminating evidence to prosecute.

Information reaching us suggested that the desperate state was now dropping the initial charges looking for a weaker case, they could possibly substantiate.

The matter was then postponed to the 25th of March 2019.

The defence team noted how previous postponements had prejudiced the accused who has work commitments some of them outside the country.

Machengete’s lawyer Selby Hwacha and court staff were seen trying to call state offices to provide prosecutors to attend court . Magistrate MUJAYA was not amused and noted that they have a lot of work to do and the prosecution team must take the issue they started seriously.

This postponement comes after the previous trial was moved after the accused made an application stating his unavailibility as he was attending the International Telecommunications Union Conference in Victoria Falls.

The Potraz boss is facing criminal abuse of office charges after he allegedly flouted tender procedures by engaging a local company B Smart Solutions to construct 48 Containerised Village Information Centres (CVIC) worth 1 494 104

They are now dropping the charge to something less prominent after the initial trumped charges.

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