Flimas Launches Diabetes, Hypertension Management Application

Fidelity Life Medical Aid Society (FLIMAS) a member of the Fidelity Life Assurance Group has launched a diabetes and hypertension management application FLIMAS AFYA PAP.

According to Fidelity Life, the application is a combination of mobile technology, Artificial Intelligence and behavioral science and it has led to the development of Africa’s first, low cost diabetes and hypertension management service.

“FLIMAS AFYA PAP is an App providing the patient with an Interactive and personalised AI driven chat-bot that delivers health coaching focused on nutrition, exercise and mental wellness,”

“The application also enables a 24/7 link to a doctor, nutritionist and sports therapist. FLIMAS AFYA PAP will soon be available in SMS / USSD for feature phones. Ensuring that its reach is as wide as possible,” Fidelity said.

The diabetes and hypertension management app comes with a Smart glucometer kit that carries a unique smart glucometer, strips, lancet and pen. Unlike most glucometers, this smart glucometer is small, portable and discrete.

The FLIMAS AFYA PAP unique smart glucometer syncs directly with App as it is directly plugged into the customer’s headphone jack, syncing automatically with Afya Pap App and graphically presenting the patients data in the “health data” section.

Fidelity Life says the application will be a life changing innovation through its managed care system, and speaking on what prompted the innovation the Medical society said it strives in bettering their patient’s lives through educating on how best they can take better care of themselves, using their medical information and corresponding health tips easily accessible through the use of the Afya pap.

Research has shown that 9% of Zimbabwe’s population is diabetic with an expected 141% increase in cases by 2040.

You can download the FLIMAS AFYA PAP application online. FLIMAS offers one month free registration for those who have downloaded the application. You can get one year registration upon purchase of the smart glucometer kit.

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