#MondayBlues: Stop It Ecosure!

When i grow up i want to be Econet. First i will register you automatically on Ecocash since i already know you as an existing customer, then i will introduce a service called Ecosure, and will thank you for registering, before you even know, i will start deducting monthly contributions.

This of course must be followed up with a press statement that we are the biggest insurance company by subscriber base, because we helped you subscribe and under our KYC, (Know Your Clients), it makes sense that you are already our clients

To Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and their subsidiaries.

Please STOP IT!

You can afford to automate your systems and deduct amounts off people’s accounts without their consent. Imagine if this was the only amount you had for the next critical transaction, life is already tough in Zimbabwe, and such an inconvenience is not just regrettable but must never make life tougher for already struggling Zimbabweans

Most Zimbabweans were in panic and shock when they received this message over the weekend

You have successfully paid RTGS$1.00 to ECOSURE PREMIUM (79281) Merchant. Txn ID SP190302.0833.D708xx. New wallet balance is RTGS $x.00

To those who were lucky to have nothing in their accounts well they had this rather kind reminder

Your initial premium payment of $1.00 failed. The premium should be paid by 29-Feb-20 to complete your EcoSure Lite registration

However all hell broke lose when most people found out that their small savings were just withdrawn against a payment they never requested

Masikati akanaka vanhu vaShe.Ndaona imwe message zvakare ye @econetzimbabwe Ecosure. Apa murikuti i have successfully registered…NO, I have not Applied for it and I dont want to! Would you care to explain why I am still receiving these promo messages and this funny Ecosure one? pic.twitter.com/KpNBebo8Gp— uǝʍO (@Owen_Munya) March 2, 2019

In a response Ecosure tweeted

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