Locate Opened Pharmacies with MedNetwork

MedNetwork’s mobile application enables individuals to find pharmacies opened closer to their current location at any given time.

The app can be downloaded for free.

MedNetwork is a peer-network of medical students, residents, and physicians who share information that links patients to a network of medical services and providing details on medical services providers.

The mobile application is available on both Play store for Android users as well as App Store for Iphone users.

Android users they can download the MedNetwork on Play Store, and for those with iOS can access it on App Store.

Features of the app also include using a map for directions to medical service providers, make bookings with doctors as well as checking which medical service providers are open/closed and payment methods required.

To sum it up, with the MedNetwork app you can-:

  • Locate your nearest medical service provider based on your location.
  • View profiles of medical practitioners and get insight of their practices/businesses.
  • Book your appointments directly with health practitioners.
  • Send inquiries to pharmacies and receive quotations from wherever you are.
  • View medical events and receive notifications on new medical events.
  • Review and apply for vacancies in the medical fraternity.
  • Bookmark your frequently used medical services providers and receive notifications from them.
  • Contact and send your location to ambulance of choice for fast responses.
  • Get real-time information on medical service providers open for business at any time of the day. 

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