Shutting Down Internet Barbaric : Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has condemned the Zimbabwean government for shutting down the internet and social media platforms last week, after protests that arose following an announcement by President Mnangagwa on fuel hikes.

Addressing the press yesterday Malema spoke on the internet shutdown and current situation in Zimbabwe.

“Mnangagwa must know that it is unacceptable to break people’s cell phones and shut down internet, it is barbaric,”

“In 2019, you have a have a leader that shuts down internet and social media? That is so backward,” he said.

Malema urged the Zimbabwean government to respect the will of the people and desist from deploying soldiers to contain protesters.

“Allow the people to have a right to protest and if there is an increase in petrol prices they must march and when things are done in ways that they do not agree to, they should march, it is their right,” he said.

The government of Zimbabwe has come under scrutiny from various civil societies in infringing and violating human rights after the shutdown.

In last week’s High Court ruling, Minister of State in the president’s office for National Security Owen Ncube acted without the President’s approval in shutting down the internet and social media platforms which was illegal.

Zimbabwe government shutdown the internet at the height of mass demonstrations against cost of living, which started off on a violent tip,  leaving a trail of destruction to property.

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