Pressure Mounts on ED As Sky News Video Goes Viral

The Sky News video which has gone viral features a young man in handcuffs along Chiremba Road being beaten by state agents in broad daylight in the company of a soldier wielding an AK 47 rifle.

 The victim was force marched to a commuter omnibus and a policeman pulled him out again and started beating him thoroughly.

The young man was kicked on his right ribs by a state security agent in plain clothes and was severely slapped by a police officer in uniform.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently said that they are going to investigate cases of misconduct by the security forces.

In a Twitter post which is believed to be run by the president himself, ED has encouraged victims to formally report cases of state security brutality to relevant authorities.

“I was appalled by today’s @ Sky News report. I have instructed that individuals behind this be arrested and encourage all those impacted to contact the authorities and file an official complaint.” The post read.

 Former Deputy Prime Minister Professor Arthur Mtambara said Zimbabweans removed Robert Mugabe the person not the system, the system is still in place and very active.

 “The regime in Zimbabwe is a product o f 37 yrs of Mugabe, the system was never changed; there was never any move to constitutionalism, the regime belongs to the past.” He said.

Prof Mtambara further blasted the way the July 2018 elections were conducted saying the whole process was flawed.

However, Prof Arthur Mtambara does not believe in a investigation by the same state apparatus in dealing with its own.

 “No amount of investigation will change the foundation of a coup de tat, flawed and rigged election and lack of focus on the economy.” He said.

Human rights lawyer Beatrice Mthetwa said rights of suspects are being violated by state agents.

“Right now in the past 2 weeks, the rule of law trampled on so badly that it does not exist.” She said.

Veteran journalist Hopewell Chin’ono believes that the ongoing crackdown on suspects accompanied by police brutality is doing more harm than good on Professor Mthuli Ncube’s efforts of enticing foreign direct investment.

‘How else can you explain this total disregard for the rule of law in front of international news cameras? It makes the sanctions argument stupid when the government is inviting international scorn in this way.” Chin’ono said.

A cross section of Zimbabweans who responded to Chin’ono’s sentiments said at this rate of injustice the comatose economy will further plunge.

After the crackdown on alleged violent protesters, political activist and protest leader Promise Mkwananzi has gone into hiding in fear of the state apparatus.

The Permanent Secretary of Information Mr Paul Mangwana commented on the issue yesterday and according to the Herald, he said that Sky News had not be cleared from broadcasting in Zimbabwe.

“We have checked our records and we have not cleared anyone from Sky for accreditation,” Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Mr Nick Mangwana said yesterday.

“Normally that should happen before they are even allowed to come into the country. During the disturbances we cleared dozens of journalists but Sky News did not apply. It’s strange why they chose not to obey the law because everyone else from British Media such as ITN, BBC, Financial Times did things the correct way and they never faced any problems. We even granted them interviews when they asked for same.”

However, this remains an issue of the contents on the video rather than Sky News’ operating without accreditation.

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