Minister Kazembe Launches the 11th Information Centre in Mash Central

Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security Honorable Kazembe Kazembe launched the 11th Community Information Centre (CIC) in Guruve, Mashonaland Central last week on Friday.

Addressing delegates in Guruve Minister Kazembe said ICTs are key enablers and catalysts of sustainable economic growth and government has taken strides in closing the digital divide through erecting Community Information Centres and training people in local communities

” This facility will enable you to access e-financial, e-health, e-education , e-agriculture services as well as an avalanche of other e-government services,”

“Apart from accessing internet from this CIC, POTRAZ has provided a platform to enable you to organise yourselves in groups that can be trained in the use of computers at this CIC and this training will be of charge,” he said.

Some of the insights provided by the Minister on what the government through Potraz has done is the installation of base stations that provide for both 2G and 3G mobile services.

“Guruve district is currently covered by a combined 28 base stations,sixteen (16) of which provide 2G services while twelve (12)provide 3G mobile services,” he said.

Hon Kazembe hailed efforts by Potraz in empowering the marginalised and bringing the new users of internet on board while increasing usage by those already online.

Potraz Director General Dr Gift Machengete said that Potraz strives to ensure that every individual is equipped for the fourth industrial revolution where ICTs have become the central cog in the wheel of life.

“The Guruve CIC is important and strategic in assisting the community and surrounding areas to leapfrog and be at par with the rest of the digital world,” he said.

Currently Mashonaland Central has 11 CICs, with 7 of them fully operational.

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