Gtel launches mx5 for US$99

Gtel has released their latest low end budget mx5 smartphone with a 1.5GHZ Quad Core Processor for only US$99.

The storage capacity of the phone is 16GB ROM,and runs on memory of 1GB RAM.

The mx5 is an Oreo, 8.1 Android Version (released August 2017) which is not far from the latest Android Pie (released August 2018) and it is compatible with most applications on the playstore.

On network support it runs on both WCDMA and 4G. Through WCDMA, the phone can run Powertel and Africom lines, and 4G network which supports all GSM lines such as Econet, NetOne and Telecel.

It has 2300mAh battery which can last more than 24 hours, with this battery longevity, the mx5 is best fit to users that operate heavy apps on their mobile phones.

However it comes as a disappointment for those who love their selfies and great pictures, since it has 5 megapixels on both the front and the back camera, it therefore, not suitable for camera lovers as the quality is not top notch.

It is, however a gorgeous phone that comes with a metal and matte outlook with this design found on colors: black, silver, blue and gold.

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This is one of the few affordable smartphones that Gtel has released so far.

We will have a more hands on review of the smartphone for a more complete assessment.

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