Internet Hates The Masiyiwas, War Gets Dirty.

We got off into a new year on a very bad note for Strive Masiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi, Infact its so terribly bad that there are under serious attacks from many people forcing them to close their twitter accounts, while more allegations are really putting them in a bad picture. 

It could have helped by not responding to such attacks, but at the pace the exchange continues, the little Twar, or Twitter war has crossed the political and legal lines putting the  Econet brands and their faith on the line .

It started off with a tweet which Strive masiyiwa was blaming one Dehwa Mavhinga for cyber bullying, a tweet which many felt was meant to get Dhewa fired from his job before everything really went out of ckntrol.

Things then went over board with ex mininster Jonathan Moyo personally attacking strive for the tweet and trying to influence Dehwa’s employer to make a decision against him.

Jonathan Moyo Tweeted:

One need not hold a brief for @dewamavhinga to realise how shocking, outrageous & unacceptable it is for Strive Masiyiwa to accuse Dewa of cyberbullying his wife; & top that by peddling his crap accusation on the Internet while name dropping, in the hope of costing Dewa his job!

Tsitsi had ealier on Tweeted:

  •  Dewa Mavhinga then responded 

It only got worse when Dehwa Mavhinga/s employer, The HRW Director Mr Ken Roth took sides with his employee, which partially left the Masiyiwas in a cold corner 

After this new war doors were opened, Another Guy named Daniel Shimba came up with allegations that Strive masiyiwa stole his idea to create Econet and Liquid Telecom and He ended up hiring his employeees including Mr makamure, the Liquid Telecom MD, who was his technical director then. 

In the allegations, Founder of Econet Wireless Strive Masiyiwa was accused by businessmen mogul Mtumwa Mawere and politician Daniel Shumba of stealing Econet Wireless from Daniel Shumba and other shareholders. Masiyiwa is co-accused with Nigel Chnakira. 

It went overboard when one Rutendo Matinyarare then started Accusing Strive Masiyiwa Of Corruption and Murder, yes murder! He made lots of videos 

Ofcourse Econet took it to their lawyers against Rutendo Matinyarare and then more doors from hell opened 

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