Joy Tv Bounces Back

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has  partnered Joy Media Incorporated (JMI) to re-launch Joy TV, an exciting  product for Zimbabwe’s Television audiences.

Set to be launched within the first quarter of 2019, Joy TV will run as a 24-hour family entertainment channel that will air local and foreign content. 

In  a  press statement released today, Joy Tv is set to complement ZBC programming by providing diverse information.

“This recent partnership,  comes at a time when ZBC is preparing for digital switch over and will see the national broadcaster introducing an additional 6 new television channels.” The statement said.

The channel will air a wide variety of genres that will include but will not be limited to current affairs programming, sitcoms, series, movies, reality shows, talk shows, game shows, travel and tourism, nature and wildlife among others.

ZBC has for long been promising its audience in providing world class content, and they believe that the synergy with Joy Tv will change the face of television.

“ZBC and JMI are proud of this initiative especially as the benefits of this exciting new venture will go beyond enhancing the face of Zimbabwean television, but will help contribute towards Vision 2030 by way of employment creation for Zimbabwe’s many young talented creative producers and helping Zimbabwe achieve its own mark in developing creative productions for the international,” the statement said.

Joy TV which became famous back in the days by airing ‘Sunset Beach’  will open after facing 20 years of closure. 

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