OVHD Introduces eForce

Open View HD a subsidiary of eTV introduced its  first pop up channel eForce which will be in service for a month.

The channel launched on 7 December  will run until the 6th of January 2019, with the films airing from 12 midday daily.

Etv Managing Director Marlon Davids said they have set up the channel for action lovers to enjoy themselves this festive season. 

 “We know how much our Openview viewers love action movies, so we have put together a pop-up channel dedicated to a great selection of uninterrupted action films, just in time for the festive season break.” He said.

The channel  has uninterrupted high-powered action movies featuring stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise among other decorated stars.

“We have packed the schedule with everything from cult classics and kung fu, to big Hollywood blockbusters starring huge action stars.” Davids said.

Open View has been growing momentum since Kwese’s closure. In a visit to the Gulf Complex, Technomag spoke to locals that were purchasing the OpenView decoders which are going for $120.

“OpenView brings so much relief because I do not have to worry about subscription fees,”  said Tongai Muriwo who had just purchased his decoder.

The decoder has channels meant for everyone with their different preferences. From sport lovers, to those that prefer novelas, together with informative channels, Open View has Trace sports, eBella, SABC 1-2-3, BBC news and eXtra to mention but a few. 

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