TelOne Offers Free DEOD Access

The largest telecoms entity in Zimbabwe, TelOne recently launched a ground breaking service, digital entertainment on demand (DEOD) an online streaming service offering broadband customers free data access to live news from leading global news channels, niche Sports TV channels as well as the latest movies hot off the cinema and much more.

The company has announced the launch of DEODs, which it says offers customers on TelOne broadband free access the on select TV packages with different price plans – access to premium, DEOD TV and On Demand.

In a statement TelOne said “we believe everyone should have access to great entertainment, world news and sports, as well as inspirational and educational content, all at affordable prices and on flexible package terms.Our view is that you shouldn’t have to pay for content categories you don’t watch, or be dictated to regarding the times when you watch. Our aim will always be to push the boundaries of traditional broadcasting, by driving market prices down to offer you, the viewer, more choice and control. With DEOD we’ve reinvented the internet TV-watching experience utilising the latest OTT technology, to offer endless hours of exciting entertainment.”


However the TelOne will have to battle it out with other streaming service giants such as Netflix that allows customers to watch a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more without having to watch a single commercial.


Netflix streaming plan allows customers a one month free trial  and to watch a different library of older and less well-known films than the DVD plan you would have to pay $9.99 per month on any internet-connected device.


A quick cross sectional survey on Twitter shows the TelOne DEOD is quite popular promising to be a game changer on the market. 


Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) is the first converged online OTT television service to launch in Africa, offering a mix of On Demand Subscription content, Internet TV Channels and Pay-Per-View Rentals of the latest cinema releases.



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