POTRAZ Set Out Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria For Innovation Drive Funding

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has called on information communication (ICT) innovators from Zim’s northern region to submit proposals under the innovation drive that have been adequately prepared, abiding by the general principles and more importantly sustainable inorder to receive funding and support.

POTRAZ’s innovation drive  is a program sponsored by the government through the Universal Service Fund  targeting inventors and entrepreneurs  in order to aid a culture of technology based entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the Workshop in Harare POTRAZ Finance Director Mr Chiripanhura said of late financial value is no longer in fixed assets but ideas so it has become important to empower innovators that are making technological advancements in various sectors, whilst creating employment and boosting economic growth.

Potraz head of ICT, Mr Tichafa Mujuru weighed in saying the first call attracted 188 applications and but only six got funding while the rest could not qualify due to poorly done proposals.

“During the first call we got up to 188 proposals and only six managed to make the cut. It is not because these innovators do not have brilliant ideas but they lack knowledge and skill in perfecting their ideas and executing them both on paper and also presenting them,” he said.

Addressing delegates during the Harare Workshop the Zimbabwe Women’s Microfinance Bank (ZWMB) Mrs Marikanda reiterated the importance of  developing, crafting and pitching bankable business proposals.

“We have loans and we have grants, it is very important when a request for proposal is flighted you need to understand what the requirements, obligations.”

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