#MondayBlues: Dear Kwese, Your Movie Section Is Dead!

Dear Kwese, I have been experimenting with your Decoder since you launched the service, in fact I was one of the first customers who got the free one month service as you hit the Zimbabwe market, celebrated the good move together and till now, we have been together in the struggle. 

I can surely confirm that your service is the best to my kids, they love the plenty cartoons movie channels, they have a wide range of choices. The documentary and news channels as well have been the only reason why still find myself subscribing to your services since then. 

The biggest question however is why the hell do you premier poor movies every weekend, specifically Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You have no idea how many times i struggle to jump across your Kwese movie channels looking for entertainment.


After all weekends are the only times when most adults are supposedly home with family and must at least find a reason to be there, but Kwese is letting us down. it’s either the movies are very old, tired and not worth the time.

I don’t know what you guys premier during weekdays because naturally we will be at work at and can’t afford movie time, but, allow me to judge you harshly with what you give us during the weekends

Every time this happens, trust me Zimbabweans find an alternative channel to watch, there are more entertainment sources today, including your Iflix and its very new but competitors, not forgetting the DSTV. We so much celebrated your entry on to the market, but you have to do better. 

Dumping one service provider to another has been the easiest decision for most Zimbabweans, gone are the Dstv days where market was locked by merely having a decoder and satellite dish on top of our roofs. In fact, we came from the Philibao days, migrated to Free to Air decoders before SABC moved out back then to DSTV.

The only wrong thing about that probably led it to falling out of favour was Dstv pricing and certainly not an issue with content. We all strongly felt there were charging an arm and a leg for entertainment. We protested withholding our money, left the accounts to go dormant and today we know they wish they had done it right.

They tried to improve, but we had migrated to your Kwese product, it was so much exhilarating and refreshing to finally find a Zim based service provider, albeit without local content provision, but that not we complain for now, all we want are better movies.

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