Hulu’s Live TV Service Hits 1 Million Subscribers

Hulu’s live TV streaming service now has more than 1 million subscribers, as reported by USA Today. That number only accounts for a small percentage of Hulu’s total subscriber base of 20 million, but is significant given that Hulu’s live offering launched just over a year ago.

Hulu has invested a lot into making its live TV service feel more natural for those used to cable TV. Earlier this year it introduced a channel guide to let users flip between channels (the way you would on a cable box), keep track of what’s on, and choose new shows to record straight from the guide. It also introduced a “recent channels” option to show the last 10 channels you’ve watched, and a new portion of the menu that displays the last channel you watched.

This news makes Hulu the third live TV streaming service to announce over 1 million subscribers, after Sling TV, with 2.3 million, and DirecTV Now, with 1.8 million. YouTube TV could be fourth in line, as it announced around 800,000 subscribers in May.

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