Google Introduces New Pixel Smartphone 2018

Google has been fairly consistent with its Pixel smartphone releases. The original Google Pixel launched back on October 4, 2016, which was a Tuesday. It then went on sale on Tuesday, October 25 that same year.

Then last year’s Google Pixel 2 was announced on Wednesday, October 4 – the exact same date as the original phone’s debut. It went on sale more quickly, however, landing in stores on Thursday, October 19.

For 2018, Google’s event is scheduled for a slightly later date of October 9. The Silicon Valley-based company has a history of introducing new “Made by Google” smartphones in October, and there have been a flood of leaked photos and details about third-generation Pixel handsets heading for market.

The update to the Pixel line-up would also come on the heels of an Apple event next week that is likely to star new iPhone models.

Google took to making its own smartphones to showcase the capabilities of the Android operating system that it makes available free of charge to handset makers. Android smartphones have come to dominate the market.

Rumors buzzing include that Google plans to release new Pixel models and perhaps an updated Android-powered smartwatch to go with the handsets.

New Pixel phones are expected to be tuned to take advantage of advancements the company has been making in artificial intelligence.

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