Cabs Invest In New High Technology

Since the country was hit by Cash Crisis most people started transacting more on mobile and internet banking, this has to lead many banks like CABS (majority controlled by Old Mutual Zimbabwe) to upgrade their core banking system.

The latest weekly results from RBZ shows that the transactional volume processed through the NPS decreased by 5.3%, nevertheless a bank needs to have a Core System that drives all those transactions.

Speaking to one of the Technical Team at Cabs he said, “It was an upgrade of the core banking system which was meant to increase efficiency in operations.”

“Temenos 24 was successfully upgraded and now our customers can transact smoothly with us.” He added.

In a statement accompanying its half-year results, the bank said it continues to exert effort to enhance service delivery to its customers and to improve controls and efficiencies.

“The new branches now offer improved service delivery through their open branch network, new high tech and high touch experience,” the bank said in a notice to its customers.

The broader banking sector has gone on an overdrive to improve customer experience through delivery channels and this has been pursued mainly through digitalisation.

The bank also managed to set up and resource an integrated customer contact centre as well as facilitating banking activities outside of the banking hall.


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