Adios Supa Mandiwanzira, Goodbye!

12 December, 2014, Exactly 4 years ago, we welcomed Supa Mandiwanzira to the ICT sector, he was fresh, energetic, innocent, and without many enemies, today we say  Good bye Supa Mandiwanzira. 

He has done so much for the sector,policy wise and offcially launching it, with  both serious positives and some negatives. For the youths, he is the champion after pursuing the innovation drive funding  and making sure that data falls, ofcourse that had its its own flip side.

The industry at large however sees him differently, I personally know he grew to have very strong friends and enemies in the sector, for many reasons, those that can be proven and cant be proven, but today we are saying adios cde Supa.

#Mondayblues  will next week start a series of the sector under Supa Mandiwanzira.

Once more again its Adios


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