How Can A VPS Help Grow Your Business

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is referred to a cloud service that allows a business to have a professional hosting solution on a fractional cost of a dedicated server. Although running in a software form, A VPS is a virtual copy of a server that is connected to the one big physical server.

It mimics the independent physical server, therefore, ensures the complete isolation of the user. Since the virtual copy of the server (VPS) can be configured, it gives you a complete control over the flexibility, the server, and the required resources.

Why it a growing interest among the businesses?

It is the best option to get to the top with high performance and complete security. On top of that, a website is considered the topmost parameter for any business. Your business demands better ROI from your website and your visitors expect faster-loading speed.

The crucial aspects required to run a website effectively if went absent, could slow your website down. If your website takes time longer than usual to open, chances are, your visitors may start visiting your opponent’s website.

Therefore, VPS comes as a boon for your business. It not only enhances your online performance but also keeps your security top notch. The features such as live chat support, adequate disk space, better CPU power, and required RAM are something that a VPS hosting is best known for.

Root Access

Shared hosting no wonder is a good option, but certainly not for an established business or a growing one. A shared hosting solution is for those who are students looking to complete their online assignment.

If your business website is operating on a shared server, it will face endless discrepancies. Due to the limited supply of resources, you’ll feel restricted from getting a root access download or software integration.

VPS on the other hand, allows you to have an unlimited amount of resources. It allows you to have better software installation and execution of the application which you couldn’t do through shared hosting. VPS hosting – your own virtual private server, keeps everything in check and keeps your website running uninterruptedly.

Freedom and full control

Unlike shared resources provided by a shared server, you are allowed to have more freedom with regards to the resources and full control over your VPS. Speaking of which, a growing website demands more resources to maintain its demand.

The increasing traffic demands more RAM for better load time and access to your website’s page. The database which is getting bigger and bigger every day requires more disk space for better access to the data.

Although, a dedicated hosting may seem to fulfill all those demands, it is comparatively costly as compared to its VPS counterpart. VPS is no less than a dedicated hosting. However, the only major difference it shares with the dedicated hosting is, it is virtual in nature.

Why choose VPS for your business?

No two businesses are alike. All have different sets of requirements and customizable preferences. That being said, VPS is extremely customizable and therefore, it makes it the perfect choice for almost any business.

Below mentioned are the features provided by the VPS that are highly crucial for your business’s growth;

  1. 1Operating System

A good VPS provider offers you the hosting service with regards to Linux and Windows Virtual Server compatibility. You can choose to go with what fits best with your business requirements.

  1. 2Security

When it comes to server security it often comes in two ways;

a). Storage/Retrieval and data management.

b). visitor management.

VPS is capable of managing a large amount of visitors and highly efficient at maintaining a large storage.

  1. 3Technical Resourcefulness

CPU, control panel, disk space, RAM, bandwidth, and backup are some of the important technical features that a good VPS provider offers. It also includes guaranteed uptime and technical live support for a necessary troubleshooting.

  1. 4Affordable plans

No question, a VPS service is comparatively expensive than the shared hosting but cheaper than the dedicated hosting. However, prices do vary from one provider to another. Therefore, it is required to search thoroughly before opting for a suited VPS plan.

Look for the one that meets all of your business requirements and satisfies your budgetary restrictions. Also, you need to make sure that you are not compromising with the quality resources. Paying a little extra for the extended resource may not hurt but, results in better ROI.

As mentioned above, each business has their own sets of requirements. Therefore, it is important to evaluate before opting a plan. Chances are, you may find something better in one provider’s plan which you couldn’t get in another provider’s.

  1. 5Multiple VPS

A VPS being a low-cost alternative to an expensive dedicated server counterpart, enables you to host multiple websites on one VPS. Perhaps it is the best way you can use the full potential of the VPS. For instance, you can run two different development servers simultaneously.

Similarly, you can do the same if you have two different VPS and you want to run additional applications for a tweaked performance. In simple words, you can use one VPS to run your website and another one to keep your applications functional.

  1. 6Your neighbor’s problem cannot affect you

The biggest issue with the shared hosting is, it slows down the performance of all the users when it comes to a heavy performance. If one user runs heavy applications that consume a lot of resources, your website may run low as a consequence.

However, a VPS works on sharing with regards to the physical server, but it does separate you from your neighbor. A VPS delivers you a defined amount of resources as per your preferences which cannot be interfered with your fellow neighbor.

It is applicable to the security part as well. Just in case your neighbor gets attacked by malicious malware, you still stay unaffected. The VPS platform provides you the complete isolation with regards to security and resourcefulness.


Although shared hosting is the best way to start your web venture, it is certainly not fit for the business one. Dedicated hosting may seem to surpass all the complications that one may face, but it is comparatively the most expensive of all. However, the VPS solution can provide you with a middle ground to grow your business with both cost-effectiveness and high performance.


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