Govt To Adopt E-Marking

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development is working on adopting e-marking in a bid to remove local technical barriers to trade.

This was highlighted recently at a stakeholders’ workshop held in Mutare on legal standard operating procedures for international best practices.

The scheme has been implemented in most countries in the SADC region such as South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique and Malawi.

In an interview with the media, legal metrology consultant in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Enterprise Development, Mr Victor Mundembe, confirmed that Government was making efforts to implement the e-marking scheme before the end of the year.

“Before the end of this year, the ministry shall reveal the benefits of the scheme and confirm if they are willing to implement it though they have not yet been sensitised about the scheme,” he said.

Regional inspector of Trade Measures for Manicaland, Mr Farai Taruwona recently explained the benefits of the e-marking scheme.

He said: “By using e-marking, technical barriers of trade are removed and it gives confidence to the consumers when buying a product. It also saves time for inspectors when they go out inspecting goods.”

In his presentation at the stakeholders’ workshop, Mr Mundembe said e-marking was a measurement mark on pre-packaged commodities as a metrological passport that assures all stakeholders throughout the supply chain of the quality and quantity of goods.


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