Why ICT Minister  Supa Mandiwanzira Will Win the Next Elections.

The Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security Supa Mandiwanzira will resoundingly win the Nyanga South Constituency.

Hold Your Horses!

This is definitely not a subtle political campaign message, I do not campaign for ZanuPf , If you ask those who know me closely they, will definitely tell you that i dont do these political beats. This is just a simple reality check, and if we all go down the lane, you will understand the beat.

By Toneo T Rutsito

Even if he stands as an independent, Supa, can still win the same constituency because his tacts are way too different, fortunately i have personally traveled with him, seen what he has done and continues to do, his strategy is impressive, different and guarantees a win.

Im not betting on him winning the constituency, but rather explaining how he has won it resoundingly, and hopefully maybe the other contenders and most politicians will learn how the ICT  minister is guaranteed of victory, and they can secure theirs as well.

Supa has done a lot as far  his constituency is concerned particularly in making sure that he works hard in preparing, building and developing it way before there was elections. Nyanga is not his political ground, its his home, he stays there, he is visible and makes sure he knows thew people personally, their issues and demands, and gives honest response to all of them.

The man is ready to give Zanu PF a resounding electoral victory, and trust me if it could be borrowed, he would give it to any party as he has master the grand plan more than any politician  I personally know.

Way before the election season started the man had already been on the ground implementing progressive socio-economic development initiatives that have since improved the welfare of the majority of people in Nyanga constituency.

Testament to his several development initiatives one can see that Supa Mandiwanzira is not one of those ministers who only comes to campaign he lives there and always in touch with the people he is representing. Something that all political parties and aspirants should emulate.

Often too many times. Even few weeks after the last elections in 2013 I personally remember visiting the Nyanga constituency where I witnessed first-hand, Supa doing a lot more in so far as engaging them youths and getting them involved in various community projects, working on roads infrastructure, base stations and lately he has managed to officially open the Nyanga E Health Training Unit.

The ICT Minister introduced the first ever telemedicine service in Zimbabwe across provinces and recently brought the same service in Nyanga. This really goes to show how much he is not just talking politics or politicking, he is making sure that he capacitates other constituencies.

Another good example is what he has just done in Maitengwe thousands of kilometres away from his Nyanga where he facilitated the building of a  shared infrastructure base station to make sure that people are connected. These are life changing projects that he is running. They are tangible. Whether or not its in his constituency he is doing a lot. But let’s come back to his constituency and see what he has really done.

He has worked diligently to bring development to his constituency in fulfilment of promises he made to his constituents in the run-up to the 2013 election.

ED, Supa Mandiwanzira at Electronic Clamp stand


In fact just a little bit of background, Mandiwanzira’s involvement in the community came earlier around 2005, with him stating he wanted to give back to a community that raised him as a child in Nyamakanga Village.

Ahead of the historic ZANU PF victory in 2013 his message during the harmonised elections, he promised to deliver in several developmental areas, over and above his policy-making mandate in representing the people of Nyanga.

“We made those promises with full understanding that it was a five-year programme. We promised a huge input on health, education, road infrastructure, agriculture, sports and entertainment, (and) if you go into the constituency, we have things we can point at that reflect and confirm delivery of those promises,” he said.

In the area of health, education and sport he has made commendable progress.

His name rings louder among all people from Nyanga, among all age groups who take him for a friend, a brother, a son.

“I want to leave a legacy in Nyanga and the legacy should be seen in the development that I do as local MP. I want people to be able to look back and say we had an MP who built those clinics, those schools and was able to do this and that for the community. I want people to look and see things I have done to them that are tangible,” he said

Fast track to present day Cde Mandiwanzira says he has represented Nyanga South with distinction.

“I also provided library books in schools and promoted sport in schools through the provision of requisite equipment. I am satisfied the five years have been put to good use. Recently we were at St Michael’s Nyanzou where an ECD block is being built. I have also joined hands with Johane Marange Apostolic Church and I am assisting in the construction of classroom blocks.

“I have intervened in so many schools. At Magarati I worked with other partners to construct proper classroom blocks. The school had pole and dagga classrooms. I have also intervened at St Mary’s Magadaline and Marist Brothers with the construction of new sporting fields, sewerage ponds and roads leading to their gates. We have constructed sporting grounds at almost every school in the constituency and the same goes to the provision of computers at schools that are electrified,” said Cde Mandiwanzira.

He has also made some interventions in the health sector.

“In agriculture, I rendered support through provision of mini irrigation infrastructure, establishment of community gardens and provision of inputs to compliment similar Government empowerment initiatives. “We have also sought to provide viable markets for onions that were being taken by middlemen from Harare and Bulawayo for a song. We have made efforts to help expedite Command fisheries,” he said.

Cde Mandiwanzira said his construction company was refurbishing infrastructure in the constituency.

He has also availed his machinery and equipment to rehabilitate roads in the constituency.

“There is really not much to talk about on issues I was vocal on in Parliament because I am a Minister. Unlike the backbenchers who ask different questions and advocate for various developmental initiatives, my task is mainly to spell out Government position on raised matters.

“I made a point that we should improve communication and connectivity systems and community information centres in rural areas,” said Cde Mandiwanzira.

More importantly Mandiwanzira urged the people of Nyanga to participate in the electoral campaigns in peace. While engaging people he continued to spread the message of non violence.

He is on record saying “there is no doubt on who will be the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe come July 30, 2018. It is none other than President Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.”

There is no doubt Supa Collins Mandiwanzira will be the Member of Parliament for Nyanga South after the 30 July elections.

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