#ZimStartup: FIS Develops Ecocash Wallet Monitoring App

A team of young Zimbabwean application developers have created an application meant to monitor one’s Ecocash wallet.

First Intelligent Systems (FIS) developed this application called ZiWallet to assist young businesses to track their wallets.

“We are on a financial intelligence drive and we have a couple of solutions in that area. We noticed a lot of small businesses were having a hard time reconciling their transaction on mobile money platforms and anytime they needed something as small as a statement, they had to queue up at ecocash and pay for their statements,” said FIS Lead Solutions Architect Roy Mupfudza.

“We decided to come up with a small solution, which can operate offline and can aid people in making sense of their transactions.”

Said Mupfudza, “Granted, we have just scratched the surface, but our aim with this app is to provide a tool that adds value to people in their day to day financial life.”

Users do not have to worry about data. “This app doesnt need internet connectivity to operate. The only time it uses internet connection is when one chooses to backup their transactions on google drive,” Mupfudza added.

The application has the following features.
1. Income Tracker + Reports
2. Expenditure tracker + Reports
3. Bill Payment Tracking + Reports
4. Merchant Payment Tracking + Reports
5. Initiating Ecocash Payments
6. Backup and Restore of you wallet details





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