CBZ Donates Computers To Albino Association

CBZ holdings donated computers to the Albino Association of Zimbabwe yesterday.

CBZ Group Executive, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Mrs Laura Gwatiridza handed over the computers to the association.

By Pearson Mbendera

Recently, the Albino Association launched a learning Centre for people with visual impairments to learn how to use computers.

The Albino Association is a youth led organisation that advocates for the rights and welfare of people with albinism. It helps them by sourcing and providing essentials that they need such as sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, food and clothing items, as well as education

Several organisations have donated to the association to help with their electronic needs. Last week Zimbabwe Papers donated two laptops to the Association. The Trust expressed thanks and asked for increased coverage of issues concerning those living with albinism.

The idea of launching the learning Centre came about when representatives of the trust had been invited to South Africa, where they were exposed to what the Albino Society of South Africa is doing.

When NMB donated computers to the trust last week, the association’s director, Bruce Nyoni said that they had introduced a reading software called JAWS to be used by the visually impaired.

“We were introduced to reading software called JAWS that is used by the visually impaired. The software is installed on a computer and guides you through the computer by telling you where you have clicked and reading to you as you type. It also tells you when you have typed an incorrect word,” said Mr Nyoni.

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