The Savings Group Technology Fair Roars Into Life


The Savings Groups Technology Fair, a post-conference event hosted by the SEEP Network in partnership with FSD Africa will kick off today in Kigali, Rwanda.

The Savings Groups Technology Fair enables participants to view and test tools, and connect with leading technology service providers.

By Pearson Mbendera

The SEEP network is a collaborative Learning Network that believes that collaboration can result in breakthrough innovations and greater collective impact. They identified a lot of technologies that are being used by Saving Groups.

“A recent market survey conducted by the SEEP Network identifies over 20 technologies used by Savings Groups, and the development and market actors that engage with them.

These tools include management information systems, mobile applications, information and communications technology, and other audio-visual tools to train and monitor Savings Groups, support and enhance group operations, train and monitor trainers, and deliver complementary financial and non-financial services,” said SEEP.

The purpose of the Savings Groups Technology Fair is to facilitate relationships between technology service providers and potential users, and accelerate the uptake of appropriate technologies.

They also said that the technologies played an important part as it has potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of group mobilization and training.

“Collectively, these tools have the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of group mobilization and training, the quality of Savings Group operations, and access to information and complementary services by Savings Groups,” added SEEP.

However, they noted that the uptake for technology was low.

“Uptake remains low: information about available offerings is not easily accessible to potential users; the ability of technology service providers to reach potential users is limited; and a lack of understanding of the potential benefits, requirements and risks associated with specific technologies restricts their effective adoption.”

Exhibitors the Technology Fair will include technology firms, mobile network operators, financial service providers, consulting firms, and non-governmental organizations. Targeted participants include Savings Group stakeholders that are exploring the acquisition of tools to enhance group training and monitoring, staff training and monitoring, and the delivery of complementary services to Savings Groups

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