Zimpost Launches Insurance Product

Zimpost has launched a new product Post Insurance which will see them selling short-term insurance. 

In the past, Zimpost used to sell insurance products and services at a commission. Underwritten by Nicoz Diamond Insurance some of the insurance services that will be sold under Post Insurance include Motor Third Party, Motor Comprehensive, Home Comprehensive, Personal Accident, Travel Insurance and Legal Insurance.

Other items to be sold under Post Insurance are ZINARA/ZBC licensing as well as Online Insurance and ZINARA/ZBC licensing with free delivery service at a client’s chosen address.

Zimpost Acting Managing Director Mr Sifundo Moyo said they have been working on the product for a long time.

“This product is a product which has been worked on over a number of years we have been getting feedback from our customers our communities and today we have a product which is ready for the market because the market has always said as Zimpost you are a well-known and trusted brand and why don’t you instead of you issuing insurance on a commission basis, why don’t you some bit of commitment.

“We have gone the whole length to show the commitment. As Zimpost to say we are partnering Nicoz Diamond as we have an inhouse brand Post Insurance which is underwritten by Nicoz Diamond.

“This product is going to be easily available and accessible to consumers spread throughout the length and breadth of Zimbabwe. Not only are talking about accessibility, we are also talking of authenticity to say, customers can now enter into the post office and get cover notes,” he said.

Mr Moyo added that this product will curb chaos caused by dubious touts.

“We have seen the chaos that happens with touts where they will be offering cover notes at a rate outside the legally accepted rate. More often than not, we have buyers of these notes getting accidents. They look for the company, they can’t find them, and they look for the individual they can’t find them. And they are stuck with vehicles that are damaged and not repaired,” he said.

Nicoz Diamond Managing Director Dr Grace Muradzikwa said Post Insurance on the large network of Zimpost Post offices.

“Post Insurance is going to create 230 selling points and this is what we like about this partnership. Which means our product is going gto be taken to every corner of Zimbabwe. I believe some of the remote offices to benefit in this partnership are Binga, Checheche, Hauna in manicaland and Chirundu Border Post to mention but these few,” she said.

Zimpost also launched a Spin and Win promotion for Post Insurance customers. The promotion started today and will end in April 2019.

“Customers can still be able to access these products and services online. Zimpost is moving digital and we are saying customers do not have to physically walk into the post office. But even in the comfort of their home and office they can access the post office. We recently launched an e-Post Office where they can be able to access in the comfort of their homes. Or through their gadgets that are enabled,” said Zimpost general manager Operations and Marketing Joel Katsande in a sideline interview.

Katsande explained that one can enter into the promotion only if are in a post office.

“At the moment the spin wheel is actually in the post office. So it means customers must go into the post office,” he said.




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